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Basketball/Rugby Chairs for Kids

Cottage Hospital Jr Wheelchair Sports Camp at UCSB

Campers & volunteers at the Cottage Hospital Jr Wheelchair Sports Camp.

Since the late 80's, Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital in conjunction with UCSB have hosted a  FREE week long Jr Wheelchair Sports Camp for kids ages 6 - 19.  

This amazing sports camp also dubbed "The Best Week Ever" by participants & volunteers, has been an ongoing asset to wheely kids far and wide.  

Offering fun, inclusive activities that foster personal growth, independence, teamwork, and a feeling of togetherness.  

Campers flourish in the fun, loving, nurturing environment provided by their dedicated coaches and volunteers.

Equipment Needs

Kids at camp playing wheelchair rugby

Every sport has it's own equipment requirements and adaptive sports are no different, except that the equipment costs more.  Small kiddos struggle to participate when they are in chairs that don't fit properly because they are too big, making them difficult to maneuver.  A basic youth basketball wheelchair costs anywhere between $2500 - $5000.  Can you imagine if traditional basketball shoes cost that much?  Equipment costs are what prevent most wheely kids from getting out and participating.  

Thanks to groups like those at Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital's Jr Wheelchair Sports Camp and their partners, many kids are getting the chance each year to get out and have fun.

Our Project & How You Can Help

Sports wheelchairs make having fun possible.

The Sean Mahaney Foundation has pledged to donate 5 youth basketball/rugby chairs the the Cottage Hospital Rehabilitation Jr Wheelchair Sports Camp.  We have watched for many years how this camp has helped many kids in the SCW family learn, grow, and make lifelong friends all while having fun!

By making a donation to the Sean Mahaney Foundation, you are helping us reach our goal of $30,000 to ensure that campers of all sizes can benefit from this amazing camp!

Thank you for your kindness & generosity!

Jr Wheelchair Sports Camp

Want to learn more about the amazing things happening at the Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital's Jr Wheelchair Sports camp?  Check out their video below!

Camp Project Doations

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goal of $30,000 to pay for 5 youth basketball/rugby wheelchairs to be donated to the Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital Jr Wheelchair Sports Camp.

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